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We would like to welcome Andie's new owners Jen & Joanne to the Rivendell family

Rivendell Andronica: Services

Rivendell Andronica (Andie)

Sire: MirageV+++//

Dam: MSUSomekinda




Top Ten Championship

Andie at her FIRST show; FIRST trailer ride; Region 18 Sport Horse. Great little girl did great job. A real show horse. Score of 8 on feet and legs.

Rivendell 2020-1057.jpeg
Rivendell Andronica: About

Peter Cameron and Andie (2 weeks old) July 2018.

Pete Cameron with Andie 2018.jpg
Rivendell Andronica: Welcome

Rivendell Andronica (Andie)

"Woman who excels over men!"

Andi is pictured here at 3 months old. Bred out of our mare MSUsoumekindawonderful and Mirage V

2 Sommer Andie.jpg
1 young andie.jpg
3 Andie new born.JPG
Rivendell Andronica.jpg
Pete Cameron with Andi 2018.jpg
And May 8th First day without Mum_edited
Rivendell 2020-1115.jpeg
Rivendell 2020-1057.jpeg
Rivendell 2020-1036.jpeg
13 Andie SHIH R18 2019.jpg
10 Andie first time with a saddle.jpg
Andie first time in saddle.jpg
The wild Arabian filly.JPG
Rivendell Andronica: Photo Gallery
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